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Математическая олимпиада “Кенгуру”

В четверг, 16 марта в 6 часов вечера будет проходить математическая олимпиада “Кенгуру”. Русская Школа Оранж Каунти принимает участие в международной олимпиаде, начиная с 2006 года, занимая призовые места по California and National winner list. Участие в олимпиаде предоставляется ученикам 1 класса и старше. Олимпиадные задачи нетривиальные, они заставляют думать и учат необычным подходам и решениям. На уроках учителя математики разбирают задачи из вариантов Кенгуру прошлых лет, чтобы заинтересовать ребят и подготовить желающих к олимпиаде.

Ниже информация для участников в олимпиаде

The Math Kangaroo -2022 will take place on  Thursday, March 16 at 6PM.

The contest will NOT take place at the Russian school. It will take place at the Quail Hill Community Center.

Address: 39 Shady Canyon Road, Irvine, CA 92603

Math Kangaroo 2023 – General Guidelines

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  • Competition starts at 6PM (Please arrive at least 15 minutes early!). There is 75 minutes to work on the test.
  • Parents, take a moment to discuss the answer form with your child. The ID number, name, level, and T-shirt size are pre-printed there already. Here is the link to the answer sheet.Math Kangaroo Answer Card – Math Kangaroo USA
  • No calculators or smart phones are allowed during the test. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided, however students are also allowed to have their own pencils or erasers. No food or drinks are permitted in the competition room.
  • The test has a multiple choice format with 24 questions for students in grades 1-4, and 30 questions for higher grades. For the wrong answer or no answer there are 0 points.
  • Free sample questions and more resources are on our Practice page. 
  • Math Kangaroo offers FREE online practice tests:

  • Free video solutions and discounted material accessible in your account. Guidelines HERE.
  • After the test, the answer sheets will be sent to the scantron facility for scoring. Make sure your child does not take the original answer sheet home but leaves it with the proctor. 
  • Before/during the competition photos will be taken and might be used on our webpage. Please make sure you indicate this in the registration site .
  • Do not bring your child to the competition if he/she is sick. If for any reason your child cannot appear on the test he/she is still eligible to receive MK t-shirt, gift, pencil and the test booklet. Email me after the competition to arrange the pick up by May 30. 
  • The correct answers will be posted on the Math Kangaroo webpage: one month and one day after the day of the competition. Information on the winners and the results will be announced by May 1.

If Math Kangaroo provides any additional information to us before the test, we will let you know.

If your plans have changed, and you will no longer be able to bring your child to the test – please let me know, so we won’t be expecting you.

We will send you another reminder about Math Kangaroo Olympiad a few days before the test.

We are grateful to our math teachers Oksana and Svetlana for spending time on some Math Kangaroo problems in class!

Good luck!

Anna Budnyatsky

Russian school of O.C./Principal